Harrison Alley


Why You’re So Bad at Sports (The Data Driven Answer)

If you think you’re so bad at sports, know that, statistically, you’re not alone. Of course, it depends on what you mean by “so bad,” but by definition, 49% of people must be below-average sports players, which is a lot of people. And even if you’re, say, in the bottom 10% of sports players globally, […]

Why You’re Bad at Games (and Why That’s OK)

If you’re bad at games, first know you are not alone.  I am also a below-average game player whether that’s in sports, board games, video games, or almost any type of game.   But even besides me, countless people in the world aren’t very good at games.  And if you are one of them, that’s ok.  […]

Blogging Vs Trading: Which Is Better to Make Money Online in 2023

Many interested in making a living online consider the online business models of blogging vs trading financial instruments like stocks, options, crypto, etc. And if you are trying to decide which of these paths to pursue, I’ve written this post for you.  I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to compare these two career options because […]

How Many YouTube Videos Do You Need to Make Money?

If you’re wondering how many youtube videos you need to make money, this is a great question to ask. You are already ahead of what I think most people do when they try to succeed on YouTube which is to publish a handful of videos and hope to go viral. They have no real plan.  […]

How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch in 2023

If the phrase “building a personal brand” makes you throw up a little in your mouth when you hear it, I get it. Maybe it reminds you of that high school friend everyone seems to have who has turned their personal social media profiles into platforms to pitch their multilevel marketing scheme. People like these […]

Why I am a Christian.

I am a Christian.  I recognize that means different things to different people.  So I’ll try to clarify by saying I believe that Jesus, as described in the Protestant Bible, is a real person who died and rose from the dead, thus proving himself to be the son of God.  My mother introduced me to […]

How to Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses and Do What You Really Want Instead

If there is one idea I’ve thought about most in the past 10+ years, it is likely game theory. For those unfamiliar, this probably sounds like a strange thing to think a lot about. This idea may even sound impractical.  But I actually think it is helpful for almost anyone to understand because I believe […]